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welcome you to our dojo and request that you follow some standard rules that apply in most marital arts schools.

It is customary to remove your shoes and bow before walking onto the mat and also when you leave it.
Always address the instructors/black belts as sensei.  This is Japanese for teacher and it shows respect.
Always use common sense and be safe.  No horse play.  Always be aware of your fellow students who may be standing or laying near you when you attempt anything requiring movement (especially throws).
It is customary when you work with a partner to begin and end with a standing bow.
Please keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed and remove all jewelry before class.
There will be no eating or drinking in the dojo.
Know your limits and know your partner's limits.
Tell your partner the name of the technique before attempting it . . .  and look behind you before throwing.
Always support your partner's weight when throwing by holding on to his right sleeve with your left hand.
Go with your partner unless told differently.  Cooperate.
Relax when being thrown.  Stiffening your body while being thrown will hurt you and may cause your partner to lose balance and fall on you.
Listen to your instructor.
Talk only when addressed.  You will know when it is time to ask questions.
Always help your fellow students.
If you are unable to attend class for any reason let your sensei know in advance.
Ask question and take notes.  That's the best way to learn.

Have fun and enjoy jujitsu!


For more information please call the West Coast Jujitsu Club information line @ (714) 898-6053

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