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Section 1

yubi dori finger hold
moroyubi dori multiple finger hold
katate dori ichi one hand hold #1
katate dori ni one hand hold #2
katate dori san one hand hold #3
katate dori shi one hand hold #4

Section 2

kote gaeshi wrist over turning
kote shiho gaeshi wrist four corner over turning
kote jime wrist constriction
kote gyaku jime reverwe wrist constriction
kote maki dori coiled up wrist hole
kote garami wrist entangling

Section 3

ude gaeshi amr over turning
ude dori arm hold
ude shigarami arm four entangling
ude gyuaku dori arm reverse hold
ude gyaku kujiki arm reverse break
ude genkotsu kujiki arm fist break

Section 4

kata hagai jime single wing constriction
hagai jime wing constriction
hagai gyaku jime wing reverse constriction
ushiro kannuki jime rear latch constriction
kata guruma jime shoulder wheeling constriction

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