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Yawara Nage Shime Oku

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1 Eri Katame throw and hold with pressure on neck, arm out
2 Kata Katame throw and hold with pressure on neck, arm across
3 Juji Katame throw and hold with body across chest
4 Shi Ho Katame throw and hold with stomach across face
5 Sankaku Katame missed tomoe nage -- figure four leg lock
6 Ushiro Katame parry a punch, takedown, and dislocate shoulders, full nelson
7 Nami Juji Shime lapel choke with thumbs inside lapel
8 Gyaku Juji Shime lapel choke with thumbs outside lapel
9 Ichi Mon Ji Shime choke with a label and a forearm, long and short choke
10 Tsuri Komi Shime poking choke, chock with opposite lapel and fist
11 Hodaka Shime Ichi first naked choke, standing neck break from front
12 Hodaka Shime Ni second naked choke, choke with forearm from rear
13 Hodaka Shime San third naked choke, figure four choke with forearm
14 Daki Kubi Shime headlock throw and break neck on ground
15 Osae Kami Shime throw and break neck with hand while holding hair
16 Kote Shime hold taken from a countered juji katame
17 Te Nada Shime arm-bar taken from a counter namijuji jime
18 Do Shime leg-scissors on short ribs and push head down towards obi
19 Ashi Karami Shime grapevine leg stretch from a countered gyakujuji
20 Ashi Nada Shime constricting the leg with pressure to calf
21 Ashi Yubi Shime toe constriction, punish by twisting the foot and toes
22 Momo Shime counter do jime by strike to inside thigh with elbows
23 Shinkano Issoku Shime takedown and hold with leg lock and hammer lock
24 Shi Dare Fuji Shime toe choke from a missed tomoe nage type throw
25 Tatsu Maki Shime dragon tail choke takedown and hold with a reverse arm-bar across leg while choking with other leg



For more information please call the West Coast Jujitsu Club information line @ (714) 898-6053

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