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1 Katate Hazushi Ichi Escape from an outside wrist grab
2 Katate Hazushi Escape from an inside wrist grab
3 Ryote Hazushi Escape from a grab on both wrists
4 Morote Hazushi Escape from two hands on one wrist
5 Momiji Hazushi Escape from a front neck choke
6 Ryoeri Hazushi Escape from a double lapel grip
7 Yubitori Hazushi Escape from a hold on the fingers
8 Yubitori Sensitive third finger hold
9 Moroyubi Tori Come-along hold on the fingers
10 Katate Tori Ichi Lock the wrist with an outside twist
11 Ryote Tori Double wrist lock
12 Akushu Kote Tori Thumb twist from a hand shake
13 Akushu Ude Tori Arm bar from hand shake
14 Akushu Kote Maki Tori Coiled up wrist from a handshake
15 Emon Tori Break the hand from a chest push
16 Tekubi Tori Ichi Wrist lock taken from an outside grab
17 Tekubi Tori Ni Wrist lock taken from an inside grab
18 Ryo Ero Tori Lock taken from a double lapel grip
19 Kubi Nuki Tori Escape from a side headlock
20 Hagai Shime full nelson-like hold and take down



For more information please call the West Coast Jujitsu Club information line @ (714) 898-6053

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