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The West Coast Jujitsu Club is committed being your best source for current information for Danzan Ryu & Shoshin Ryu Jujitsu.  Please check back often for updates.

February 21, 2000
Updated calendar of events for 2000.
June 23, 1999
A few modifications to decrease load time. Updated with FrontPage 2000
March 16, 1999
Added photo for Professor Len Riley & Sensei Jonathan Cole
March 15, 1999
Updated bio information for Sensei Bert Smoyer & Sensei Jon Tessier.
Added West Coast Jujitsu Class photo.
February 5, 1999
Updated calendar with Black Belt workout, clinic and contest dates and locations
Animated the West Coast Jujitsu Logo with the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai logo
January 27, 1999
Added Professor Len Riley's Email Address
January 22, 1999
Add image for Sensei Owen Gallagher
January 19, 1999
Added Quick Nav bar to each page for easier navigation
Moved What's New, Search, Feedback & Site Map buttons to the top of each page
January 18, 1999
Added link to Professor Clyde Zimmerman's Shoshin Ryu of Nevada
January 15, 1999
Added search capabilities from the main calendar page
Added link to the Hawaii JuJitsu KoDenKai web site Steve McLaughlin, Sensei 
Fixed Shime section
January 4, 1999
Added feedback page
Minor corrections made to Henry S. Okazaki's historical information
Sensei Owen Gallagher's bio added
December 20, 1998
Added link to George Arrington's Danzan Ryu web site
Added link to Danzan Ryu Jujitsu (Kodai No Bushido) web site
December 16, 1998
The West Coast Jujitsu Club site initial version was posted.


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